Tiger Like a Butterfly Song

Tiger, Tiger, what a sight,
Enough to give the world a fright,
But youíre only in the zoos
Because youíre made of things we use.

Is it likely you can last?
Arenít you disappearing fast
Now the poachers come in force
Stealing blind each last resource? 

Tiger, Tiger, you can bite,
Will you turn on us and fight?
Who could look you in the eye?
Who would stand and wait to die? 

Eating people isnít fair
It will cause a major scare,
Can your nature be restrained,
Or your instincts be re-trained?

How on earth can we forgive
Those who kill for us to live,
That we can play and we can eat
And think of nature as our meat?

Tigger, Tigger, please donít fight
You know its never nice to bite,
Who would love you anymore
If all you did was blood and gore?

Bottle up your true instinct
Otherwise youíll be extinct,
Why not roam the garden wild
Plaything of a little child?

What recreation has been wrought
With such soft and wooly thought?
What kind of tiger could you be?
Did he who bought the lamb buy thee?

Now youíre good for public grief
A virtual tiger without teeth
Stolen by the PR thief
Subject to a world-wide brief. 

Whatís the interest in such news
Tears that blur the honest views,
Or obscure with cunning shots
To exploit the prime time slots.

Have they got you in the frame
To exploit your famous name?
What the cash? and what the flow,
Is there something more to know?

Tiger, Tiger, burning out,
Has your spirit come to nought?
Once you were a fiery star
We dared to worship from afar?

©justWords, Thomas Albert Fox

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