Kylesku Song

Where each wild and stony crag
Ridge and line the great Quinag
Gorm and Gharb stand high above
Tow'ring twins we've grown to love.
Andre's lodges they're just fine
Whether it be rain or shine
Kylesku is the place to be
There is such a lot to see,
You might spot an otter dip
Or Atlantic salmon flip
And those other creatures there
Of loch and burn, of sea and air,
Or those kings of moor and glen,
Deer who rise beyond our ken,
Or tiny midge or modest grouse,
That crowlin louse, that tim'rous mouse,
Just sit quite still to see them all,
Those highland creatures great and small. 

So why not come and see the sights
Enjoy the lovely northern lights,
But if you want an Alton Towers
To expend your cash and hours
Then Kylesku's not for you
For it's simple, quiet and true.
Here you do not have to queue,
But simply gaze into the view
To feel Kylesku's beauteous forms
Or let her great Atlantic storms
Blow the cobwebs from your mind
Whose veil of worries left you blind. 

So climb above vast silent lochs
Surrounded by these ancient rocks
And let the presence of this place
Inspire you with amazing grace,

Inspire you with amazing grace.

©Just Words Ltd
Kylesku Song is sung to a tune drawn from the Gaelic idiom without instrumental accompaniment.

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