March Hare

Surprised to see a man
The hare stood up and ran
And ran and ran and ran and ran
Across the boundless cold and white
Stretching through the frosty light
Where each tuft of heather stood
Stiff beneath its snowy hood.

Surprised to see a hare
The man fell down and lay in snow
As if the hare had struck a blow
And there he lay and lay and lay
Lying coldly all that day
Until the hare had gone its round
And he could hear its padding sound.

In the head the hare was got
With a single simple shot,
There it lay and lay and lay
Until the man took it away
And kept it for another day
In a jug and cooked with spice
Until the hare was very nice.

Now that it was really dead
He kept the hare upon his head
Where it felt so pure and light
Its fur so soft and smooth and white,
So nothing of the hare was lost
When you think that all it cost
Was to lie with snow and frost.

ŠjustWords, Thomas Albert Fox 

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