Something ex(x) and Nothing

some-thing (x) represents something (some thing)

(x), as the sum of 1-1 amounts to something less than another something that is mathematically equal to it (the same somethings), but no two things can be the same as each other without contravening the law of identity, thus 1-1 must equal (x) rather than nothing, ie the shade of difference (infinitesimal if you wish, ie feel better about it) between the two ones who are mathematical nonentities representing some-things cannot be non entities, except in a universe of relativities.  Here, 'ones' are all the same as each other and there is no identity, thus mathematics cannot escape the universe of pure relationality, or impinge on the contrary universe of solidity.  Thus, mathematics is ideally suited to the description of our relational universe whereof we are; but is wholly misleading if conflated with its contrary.  Mathematics, therefore, is merely description of relationalities and cannot refer to substantialities, (solidities) which must be individual and therefore uncountable beyond 'one'; thus the whole realm of mathematics in this universe is bounded by number 'one', the mathematics of 'one' seems too difficult for the human mind  bounded only by relationality.  Thus, role of mathematics (the language-s of it) as the medium through which material science can be expressed cannot but be misleading albeit useful, or perhaps soothing to the human psyche, stranded as it were at sea among waves and weeds and passing fish.

or (+) x and(.) 0 = x.0 = 0 + x = 0 = x

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