Thai Kitchen

What’s Cooking?

I’m cooking rice for Mother

Mmmmh rice …

Yes, and she will have fried long beans with garlic and sour curried
pork with grape aubergines pieces of cauliflour and chopped long
beans and also spicy grilled aubergines and fresh chillis and also
kounio rice and grilled pork with peppers and garlic and also marrow soup
and coconut milk in curry and pumpkin pudding and stir fried cabbage
and cauliflour and crispy fried green aubergines and also fresh pineapple
cold with ice of water made and banana pudding in coconut milk and
fresh papaya

and also sister Gop and brother Lek and Father will have when they
return, and sister pi moo when she comes

and Uncle when he comes and
brother’s wife when she’s finished


and also Aunty of Mother’s side Aunty Bai
if her bus comes

and Uncle Noi at hospital

and his wife Aunty Gao if she can.


And Mother?

She’s asleep.



©justWords, Thomas Albert Fox