The universe of solidity is not that suggested by the proponents of 'singularities' as points of infinite mass, but solidity as that which is not 'in' the relational universe that humankind is of and thinks with/of, nor is solidity another 'dimension' in/of space; but an existential form that is nothing but solidity and therefore cannot subsist outside of itself in the relational universe, although subsisting in the omniverse with whatever other forms there can be . It is worth a quick look at these two links if you are interested in extensionality as an infinite. Humankind imagines paradoxically that solidity is the normal state, yet there has never been any evidence that anything is solid, except imagined so (perceived illusionary the real mirage). Is any 'substance' solid? The evidence is that all substantiality is merely relational, infinitely dividable, empty of solidity, merely 'full' of relationalities without substantiality

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