Among the world addressed


Mixed between and with a thousand thoughts

Of shades of green and subtle snows

There lies this moment tightly held

This single instance blindly felt

Among the veils of multifarous sounds and smells,

And childish names of things

In vision seen.


But, may there be a time to know

The wilder thing


That runs the mind away

In all directions



And gone … And gone,

Quite flown away along

A known unconcentrated way

Of glimmers gleamed

Widely met across the manyway

That floats the mind into a trance composed

Of worlds unrecognised and faintly seen

Gleaned inside those yellow throes

Of candle light,


Not linked in any formulated way

That can be proved upon,


Upon, Upon …

Exploding magic whisking up the world

Into a shapeless aftermath of thoughts of bombs

Are blowning slow motion mushrooms of the land

And I

Eaten of it

see into this wilderness of things

Completely estranged from schools of thought

and things

that make it safe to live

In feed upon the fruits of cultivated minds,

Each one carefully watered

Down the channels dug

And hacked among dusty tomes of sanity

… and sanitary schools

Thrown up by local governments

… and things …

too large to understand


For what can be done to make a grip

With unreality wire fenced to the point of infinite vee

Which is my birth on powdered milk

And processed foods

Of mind,

Now that the fence is swept away in tangled irony?

No longer is the world of simple things

Which seem quite separate entities

Created only for themselves and me to be.


The view I see loops up on disappearing sight

Towards an indefinite sky

And lies among a colour of

I no longer know to name,

While the child I bred

Is lost below a well of blood

To dark of deep and red to have a name of mine,

And the green fields of single blades of grass

Grow in size to fill my eyes with single flickers of green

Completely blinding out the sight of what I’ve seen

To leave me found in wilderness


Among the world addressed.


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