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This page contains reference to all the poetry Thomas Albert Fox has in mind
to 1st May 2013, with selected examples.  For general introduction pages to the works click here.

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"2012: Three Score & Ten"



Published in 2012 +++++

The chosen text for the web from this volume is:
"Among the World Addressed"

 "English Wounds:
an autobiography southwards" 

Draft only

(publication date 2012


"English Wounds" will  consist of about sixty poems toward Fox's autobiography "southwards" which is his 'history' of England, derived in his own life in Wessex. The autobiography is a selective history of wounds given and received supporting an argument for defining nation and race as nested identities manipulated by elite power blocs, usually comprised of a few clans, that arise and forcefully dominate and consume the socio-economic benison produced within geographic and cultural constructs.

Fox's chosen text for the web from this volume is:
Lest We Forget to Forgive

"The Charred Lord:
an autobiography eastwards"

(publication date 2015)


"The Charred Lord" is the 550 line, 13 part poem, that is the crux of a volume of about thirty visionary poems  The opening 19 lines of the crux are published here. It is not a poem about the war, nor does it protest a poet's innocence; Fox is not innocent. It is a poem -

involved with an unspeakably colourful person
whose mouth ate with speech
the kiss that ached between us

[from The Charred Lord Part XI]

This space that (is) between us is bridged by a rope of words stretching between the ends of cognition and re-cognition in the form of a cyberspatial grammar dispersed between the letters that comprise their occupation of (this) space. Here the face and font of you is merely a front for the fount of space occupying nothing less than the territory of your words and their letters, their sightings of sounds among the space of their relations.  The draft "Theory of Relationality and Solidity" is found under "House of Stone".

"Lost in America:
The Charred Lord's Anthem to the Wall

an autobiography westwards"

Draft only

(publication date 2013)


"Lost in America" consists of about seventy poems oriented westwards on the cusp of William Blake's revolutionary agonizing and naive hopes for a state freed from the chains of greed, servility and religion, given crude expression in his poem "America".  It adopts the failure of William Pitt the Elder's perspicacious attempt to keep the "Thirteen" in the British Empire and their bloody separation into a New England aspiring to Tom Paine's high moral plain selectively combined with a social order claimed to be new but sustaining the old order as if a new order.  What came of it bore all the crude hallmarks of the old and, even to the middle of the 20th century, self-evidently carried slavery in its breast, a massive failure of heart in regard to all men being created equal that eventually required open surgery under the political knife of President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s.

Fox's Chosen text for the web from this volume is:
"Lost in America"

"second utterance of the true thing of it that is" Contents

To be published in 2014; the third and fourth utterances in 2016 & 2020 respectively, life permitting.

"Songs of Nocence: an autobiography northwards" Contents


Published in 2009, comprised of fifteen songs, especially selected for this "autobiography northwards", which includes the full texts of their lyrics, musical notation, and editor's introduction and substantial critical apparatus.

The chosen text for the web is:
  "Lands of Hope Our story".

This volume "northwards" forms the first volume of four autobiographical works and which:
The Second is to be: "Westwards: Lost in America";
The Third is to be: "Southwards: English Wounds";
The Fourth is to be : "Eastwards: The Charred Lord".

"Intercourse" Contents

(published May 2008)


"Intercourse" consists of 95 poems that are cries in communion with themselves. For example the first poem in "Intercourse" can be hyperated to become a cyberpoem exploiting the literary hypermedium (just Words).

Of adjectival blue
Are baffling wide
My thoughts of you
Play park bride.
[from "Bride"]

Fox's chosen text for the web is:

"first utterance of the true thing of it that is" Contents
(consists of one poem)

Published in 2007 by justWords,  A poem of 392 pages disorienting the book and overturning the language through which it utters. This work is drawn from that of Alfred Smith.  There are a further three utterances, of which the second is in draft for 2012.

"Deor: dear heart dear one" with "Core rite" Contents

Published in 2007 by justWords Limited.  Includes all the draftings of both poems in manuscript.  An introduction from Terry Edwards, Fox's long term editor, in total 37 pages. 

"Epithalamion: Upon the Wedding of George Mihov and Malvina Kotorova Upon this the Sixteenth Day of September 2006CE"


Published in 2006 by justWords Limited.  A three stanza poem each of fourteen lines with a full critical apparatus by Fox's long standing editor Terry Edwards, in total 100 pages.

"Upon Godolphin House & Pengersick Castle" Contents

Published in 2005 by justWords Limited.  A forty three stanza poem each of eight lines with a full critical apparatus by Fox's long standing editor Terry Edwards, in total 200 pages.

"The Fairy Queen" Contents

Published in 2002 by justWords Limited.  A nine stanza poem each of nine lines with a full critical analysis by Fox's long time editor Terry Edwards, in total 100 pages. 

"A Suspicion of Sun" Contents

Published in 1996 by justWords Limited.  A small volume of 14 pages, with twelve poems selected for their intimations of Fox's poetic methods.

Overall there are twelve further volumes in progress, including the two planned volumes for 2011
("Lost in America" and "second utterance of the true thing of it that is").

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