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You can sell it for a lot
If you tell us what you've got!

When we know the ins and outs
We'll make sure your product shouts!

Or if you find it somewhat loud
To shout your product to the crowd
A quiet word could have them wowed
Wandering lonely as a cloud
You'll swell the sails to make you proud.

Selling just a boring drill?
Need the words to make it thrill?
We'll get the bit between our teeth
Touch the nerve right underneath
Then your sales will surely jump
To give your profits quite a hump.

If we tell you our new theory
It will make you feel so weary,
But justWords' jingles fit the bill
If you've got your sales to fill.

Now the market's just a jungle
Where your nerves are just a jangle
You could soothe with just a jingle.

Why not give your love a Ford
Amazing style you can afford
To ensure she's never bored
And to show she is adored

Unless your cash you'd rather hoard
Such a gift will have her floored
And you will find you've truly scored
Nice and easy on the board

Give your friends a lovely treat
Bring them round your house to eat
They will think they're in a dream
When they taste your Thai cuisine.

We can write these just for fun
And we sell them by the ton
At a cost you won't feel done,
And if you buy in to a pun
It will seem as though you've won
Two meanings for the price of one.

If you would like a jingle for your product, company or organisation
please telephone/fax +44 (0) 117 9869686

mailto  athais@justwordslimited.co.uk