Duality: a note toward a definition of singlemindedness

In regard to the problemisation of mind/body, subject/object, in/out, on/off, true/false, black/white, up/down, something /nothing, one/ nought, me/you, us/them, now/then (and so on), what more can be said than it is the human condition, the human predicament to be entrapped by the (learned) formation of perception by experience, the child is father to the man, as famously and poetically expressed by William Wordsworth.  Thus, though less obviously poetically,

The condensing of subject (me) and object you/it (u/it) into meuit by de-formation of human psychological differentiation requires enormous strength of mind over matter &/or de-construction of the "doors to perception", by physical/physiological alteration through surgery &/or pharmaceutical intervention &/or yogic application.  The singlemind is at one with itself as being what is known, and being what is known is a 4th world, ie another formasphere.  There are unlimited formaspheres in which 'epistemies' could subsist, or be 'formed', and these will increasingly become occupied (or colonised) by 'human'kind as its capacity for non-destructive self-alteration grows.   The figure below is taken from Monostone's draft paper exploring the prospect of occupying such space (sp (a) ce)

Figure 1  Plexus of change at 2543 BE (2000 AD): the changing “levers” of power.

At year (say) 3000 BE (2457 AD) humankind = Clonish autogenetic gynandromorphic species/entities about 320 years old with a life expectancy of 700 years and increasing, supported by self-managed and maintained biomechanical systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) attachments, treated with biochemico-genetic schemes of medicine, educated and socialised by self-managed virtual experientiation in diverging frameworks structured and mediated by “fittest” of these that fit. Competitive warfare managed through ICT strategies aimed at control and/or disruption of the supply side of the soft technologies. Baronial “world” wars commonplace across fascio (interest) diasporas, leaving uninvolved (unthreatened) interests spectating or unaware. War winners will extinguish or dominate other diasporas, or exploit through compliance arrangements. The plexus of resources required to achieve this condition is not only complex individually and extensive as a whole, but also multiplex and interdependent in the relations of the resources to each other; consequently gaining control of any such a plexus would require an axis of information access entwined with a widespread control of communications, together with a significant degree of physical power over the spatiality of the constructed environment in which the new personae subsist, together with a demonstrable (to the target personae) capability to deploy physical power in “real” space with considerable precision, with surgical skill, as it were to excise opposition leaderships or to hurt into compliance.

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